Marvellous open sky

The infinite beautiness of Alcantara, Madonie and Nebrodi
and the majesty of Etna which are revealed in their thousand facets.


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Although it is entirely surrounded by the sea and is often remembered for its beaches and seaside resorts, Sicily is much, much more. A breathtaking island, rich in history, culture, traditions and natural varieties. In its inland areas, valleys, hills, forests, mountain ranges and many other scenarios of rare beauty and immeasurable geological importance alternate.
And it is precisely to preserve the richness and importance of these fairy-tale territories that, over the years, the Sicilian regional parks have been established: the Etna Park, the Madonie Park, the Nebrodi Park and the River Park of the ‘Alcantara.
Each of them represents a unique resource, capable of giving a truly immersive experience in the most authentic nature.


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